What is a male swan called ?

The male swan is called a cob.  Unfortunately, the bird is listed in the Red Book. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, besides natural natural life, there is a fantastic, mythological existence of the image of a swan. This life of the bird of love originated in a distant history and accompanies the human world in the present with beautiful dreams and harmony.

Many peoples treat swans as sacred birds, messengers and fortune tellers. Swan mysteries are fascinating, and interest in birds is not quenched. The main thing is to preserve and transmit this amazing heritage of nature to descendants

The life of swans is overgrown with legends, one of which is that they live up to 150 years. The ringing of birds and tracking by beacons confirm life expectancy of at least 20-25 years in the natural conditions of nature.

But such studies have appeared relatively recently. Life in captivity increases their duration to 30 years.