What is a salamander ?

Salamander is a large amphibian. The body color of the salamander can be anything. Some species have very modest, inconspicuous skin, while other salamanders are endowed with bright “clothes”: red, yellow, orange, or mottled pattern, which is also very expressive, like the fire salamander.

The size of these amphibians varies, the length of the body can be from 7 to 25 centimeters. Some species (for example, the Caucasian salamander) are capable of self-regeneration: that is, they can throw off the tail, which then grows back – this in some way makes them related to lizards.

These animals live in North America, as well as on the territory of Eurasia. Most salamander can be found in the waters of streams, in damp forests and even in dark caves.

In the way of life, all salamanders are single. In search of food, these animals leave with the onset of darkness. When the seasons of cold come, salamanders (many species) fall into a hibernation. The basis of the diet of salamanders are slugs, lice, earthworms and a variety of insects.