What is a wombat ?

Wombats are burrowing burrows of herbivorous animals from Australia, outwardly resembling small bears. Wombats reach a length of 71 to 121 centimeters and weights from 21 to 44 kilograms. The body of the wombat is compact, the limbs of the wombata are strong and short.

Each of the paws has five fingers, four of which are surmounted by large claws, well suited for burrowing holes. A large head and gives the impression of slightly flattened from the sides, the eyes of the wombat are small, the tail is short.

Among the marsupials, the wombat has the smallest number of teeth – only 12. It is curious that the jaws and teeth of the wombat show similarity to the jaws and teeth of rodents. In the lower and upper rows, the wombates have a pair of anterior cutting teeth. Angular teeth are absent, chewing teeth are constructed very simply.

Wombats live in eastern and southern Australia, in the states of New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. Distributed in various habitats, but wombats always need a land suitable for digging holes.