What Is the Predator of a Zebra ?

Who attacks the zebra? Her main enemy is an African lion. Also on the zebra attack other predators of Africa – cheetahs, leopards, tigers, at the watering place it is threatened by an alligator, kids often die from hyenas.

Nature, to protect the zebra, gave her excellent eyesight and hearing. In addition, the zebra is very timid and cautious. When a herd grazes or rests at a watering place, one or two striped horses are on duty, carefully looking around and listening. At the slightest alarm they give a signal and the whole herd runs away. The zebra jumps at a speed of 65 km / h, it winds no worse than the hare, sharply changing direction and preventing the predator from grabbing himself.

Defending foals, adult zebras stand on their hind legs, biting and kicking.

Striped horses do not have a permanent residence. In search of new pastures and water, they constantly move from place to place. At the head of the herd – the most adult female, followed by other zebras, the procession closes male, which protects the herd from dangers.

These animals feed on Africa with grass, young growths of bushes, leaves of the lower branches of trees.