What to feed a baby squirrel ?

For feeding tiny baby squirrels, use a medical pipette, following the uniformity of milk intake. We remind you that the use of a glass pipette is unacceptable. Baby squirrel are exceptionally gluttonous and can even strangle each other in an impatient desire to quickly satisfy hunger.

It is better to feed them on the table by placing a bath towel on it. This will facilitate the control of the behavior of animals and the flow of milk from the pipette. Do not leave the baby squirrels on the table unattended: they may not hold onto its surface and eventually fall off.

Here’s the recommended diet: 85 g of condensed milk, a teaspoon of baby food. Wait until the mixture has completely dissolved, add four drops of syrup. You can give and regular milk with the addition of baby food.

The food should be fresh, therefore every day it is necessary to prepare again. Keep refrigerated by carefully sealing the container. Before each meal, preheat to a temperature of 30-35 ° C.