What’s the difference between a bunny and a rabbit ?

There isn’t any difference┬ábetween a bunny and a rabbit. Rabbits are informally called bunnies.┬áRabbits live in groups and are capable of mating at any time of year – no wonder there is an ironic expression “multiplies like a rabbit”.

To think, the rabbit can bring offspring up to 24 times a year! Pregnancy of the female lasts about a month, in a litter, as a rule, 4-8 rabbits. Under favorable conditions, the number of rabbits can reach 12. The young are born blind and naked. Seen on the tenth day, and at the age of three weeks independently eat. Rabbits live 8-10 years.

The rabbit equips the nest for the young, plucking the fur from his chest.

The heart rhythm of the rabbit is 130-325 beats per minute. There is an opinion that a rabbit can die of fear, faced with a predator.

A special eye device allows rabbits to see everything that happens behind them without turning their heads.

In Australia, rabbits are recognized as pests: each year they inflict damage to the country’s agriculture for about $ 600 million.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not rodents, they belong to a group of rabbits.