What’s the difference between a hare and a rabbit ?

Rabbits are often confused with their long-haired fellow hares . There are few differences between them: rabbits are usually smaller, do not have dark spots on their fur coat and have long been domesticated by man, unlike hares.

Distinctive features of rabbits:

  • Full, oval body covered with fluffy fur.
  • Powerful four-toed hind legs and short five-toed front.
  • A gentle and friendly disposition.
  • Wide range of coat color – from white and gray to brown and black.
  • Short fluffy tail.

The length of the body of an adult rabbit – from 20 centimeters, especially large specimens can reach half a meter. Weight – from 2 kilograms.

The maximum known age of the rabbit is 19 years old, and the length of the ears is 80 centimeters.

Rabbits choose grassy areas for life: glades, forests, meadows. Underground holes that dig animals are combined into a large and complex system. The basis of the rabbit diet is vegetable food: grass, leaves, vegetables, cereals. Among the animals coprophagy is widespread – eating their own excrement.