When do baby rabbits leave the nest ?

At three weeks of age the eared go out of the nest. These terms are the same for almost all breeds of rabbits. Up to 16-18 days the rabbits eat only mother’s milk. After the kids left the nest (motherhood), it can be accustomed to “adult” food.

Another nuance in this period is to ensure the right conditions for keeping small rabbits. For rabbits does not fit the usual litter, as for adults. Therefore it is recommended to put a clean cloth in the cage (towel) so that the dust from the lining does not get into the mucous membrane of the eye and does not cause various diseases.

Crawlers should inspect the babies at the age of two to three weeks and pay attention to whether they are developing correctly.

If you notice a slowdown in the development of newborns, then you need to reconsider the mother’s diet or put the lagging rabbit to another breast-feeding mother (if any). To mother did not worry about a weak baby and did not quit the whole brood, a weak baby should be removed.