When do baby rabbits open their eyes ?

The rabbits are born blind, deaf and completely bald. After 3 days of life, their body becomes covered with hair, and after 10-11 days they begin to open their eyes and gradually explore the world around them. At a time when the kids are in the nest with the mother, special care for them is not required.

Within three weeks after birth, it is the rabbit that needs special care: a full-fledged diet with vitamin and mineral supplements, clean water, maintaining a temperature of at least +18 degrees in the room where the mother with a brood is. If all of the above conditions are granted, then Mom will have enough milk to feed healthy babies.

When the rabbits leave the nest, they can be gradually accustomed to normal food. In this case, you need to monitor how the kids react to the food they offer. Also in this period in the cage should be in the bowl clean water for rabbits.

Young rabbits should be weaned from the mother no earlier than in 40-45 days of life. Remember that animals must be well adapted to feed and be normally developed before they leave. By this period, the immunity of the young is already resistant.