When do bears come out of hibernation ?

If a bear managed to accumulate fat reserves, with the onset of cold weather and the reduction of sources of nutrition in his body, all metabolic processes slow down. The beast is preparing for the so-called winter hibernation. He becomes sluggish and apathetic and, according to instinct, begins to seek and equip himself with a lair.

Where soon and falls asleep. However, his winter sleep is not very deep and does not resemble the hibernation of other animals. Unlike rodents, the temperature of the bear’s body drops slightly, only 3-5 degrees.

The bear, lying in the den, does not urinate and does not defecate. In any other animal, in this case, a fatal poisoning of urine would occur in a week, and the bears begin a unique process of recycling waste waste into useful proteins.

Bears usually wake up in April and May. The duration of hibernation depends on the weather conditions, health and age of the animal. During sleep, he sometimes loses up to 40 percent of his weight, but with sufficient food, he soon restores it. And he embarks on the primary duties of procreation.