When do ducks lay eggs ?

Wild ducks begin to lay eggs in the spring in the period from mid-April to May. On the day the female is able to produce one egg. After the duck takes the last egg, which is about 9-13 pieces, it starts the process of incubating. Sometimes some females can throw their eggs into the nests of other females, so the number can increase even up to 20.

The wild duck hatchs for about 29 days, all the chicks appear almost simultaneously. Moreover, as shown by numerous studies, eggs laid by the latter go through the stage of embryo development much faster than those that were obtained first.

Preparation for oviposition poultry begin when the bird is 150 days old. As a rule, an autumn brood of females is selected for this purpose. Preparation for the breeding season in laying hens begins with a change in diet and light regime. Before the beginning of oviposition, the bird can not be transferred to a new place of residence, the habitual normal conditions of detention should be changed.

In addition to a strengthened diet, the duration of daylight is also increased, which is very important for the operation of the genitalia of birds. However, it should be remembered that prolonged lighting can only be used when the period of growth and development of the bird is over, and molting will also be completed. Light day should be increased gradually over 25 days before the desired masonry, adding each week for 15-30 minutes. To the intensive period of egg-laying, the light day of the ducks should be 16 hours.