When do squirrels have babies ?

Progeny squirrels are brought up to three times a year, depending on climatic conditions of habitat. In the middle band, baby squirrels usually appear in April and July. The education of the belchat is occupied exclusively by the mother squirrel.

Males in the life of the offspring of participation do not accept and may well be seriously attacked if they venture to approach the nest with baby squirrels .

Squirrels live in nests of own construction. The squirrel’s nest has a spherical shape with one or two inputs, there may be several such nests. It is quite difficult to detect them, when viewed through thick foliage it may seem that this is a crow’s nest. Quite often squirrels occupy hollows or bird houses (especially in suburban areas near the forest or in the city).

The squirrels feed, contrary to popular belief, not only with nuts – not so much, at least in the middle band. The main part of the diet consists of seeds of spruce and pine, acorns, kidneys and young shoots of various trees, various fruits and berries, mushrooms.

Nevertheless, it can not be said that the squirrels adhere to the vegetable diet, they eagerly eat eggs of small plates, small lizards, eggs of ants, various worms and caterpillars.