When do squirrels mate ?

March and April for naughty squirrels is the marriage period. The males horde in dozens around one female, trying to win her favor. Very often in this case, there are fights. The female chooses the strongest and from their copulation babies are born, usually from two to eight.

They are blind and completely helpless. Initially, for six months, baby squirrels feed on mother’s milk. After switching to normal feeding, they are taken by the parents in turn.

After two weeks, the baby squirrels become covered with hair, and it becomes clear what color the squirrel is, and a month later they open their eyes. Even after the performance of the babies for two months they are ready for independent life and can get their own food.

In captivity, too, the animals multiply, but with due care. In nature, squirrels live from two to four years. At home, the period of their life reaches up to fifteen years.