Where are Bengal tigers from

The Bengal tiger lives in Northern and Central India, in Nepal and Burma. He also lives in the Sundarbana (near the mouth of the Ganges) and Bangladesh. Bengal tigers of the usual red color sometimes give birth to cubs with white hair, on which, however, dark strips remain. In nature, they survive extremely rarely – such animals can not successfully hunt, since they are too noticeable. White tigers are specially bred for circuses and zoos.

Among animals with normal normal coloring there are white individuals, called albinos, but this is a misconception, the white tiger is not an albino. In these animals, the pigment is so small that their eyes look red because of the visible blood vessels.

Everyone knows white mice, rats, and rabbits. It is known that in 1922 in India (according to other sources – in Burma), two pure white tigers with red eyes were shot. Similar cases were recorded in southern China. The rest of the known white tigers in the full sense of the word can not be called albinos: most of them are blue-eyed and have brown stripes on their skin. It would be more accurate to speak of a light (white) color variation of their color.

Their life expectancy is less than that of ordinary tigers and they have more fragile health. In natural conditions, a white tiger is harder to survive, since it is given a light color during hunting. Many people believe that these predators originated from Siberia, and white color is a disguise when living in snow conditions. In fact, white tigers appeared in India.