Where are chinchillas from ?

The homeland of chinchillas is South America. Short-tailed chinchillas live in the Andes of South Bolivia, north-western Argentina and northern Chile. Long-tailed chinchilla for today is found only in the limited area of ​​the Andes in the north of Chile.

The natural (standard) color of chinchillas is gray. But breeders over the past 80 years have diversified the palette of the animal’s colors. Today there are chinchillas of the following colors: black velvet, white, beige, homo, purple, sapphire and others. All these colors cross with each other, and as a result, there are different combinations, numbering more than 200 variations.

As for the nature of this lovely pet, it is very individual. Chinchillas are both very tame, and completely independent, no matter how strange this quality in such a small animal did not seem.

If you are a child to teach your baby to sit on the handles, it is possible that he will grow up gentle and affectionate and will rejoice as soon as you approach him to stroke.

But the owner is not the only joy of the fluffy baby, although with a friendly attitude to people they get used to quickly and distinguish different members of the family, although in general they do not tame themselves very well.