Where are flamingos from ?

Flamingos live mainly in Africa, in Kenya. But they are also in the south of Europe, Asia, on the island of Madagascar and in South America. Settling flamingos huge colonies along the shores of large lakes. Caribbean pink flamingos build very peculiar nests.

These are cones composed of clay with a cut off tip. They are from 7 to 45 centimeters high. In each cone a depression is made, where the female lays one single egg. Nasizhivayut his both parents for 28-32 days, and then fed the chick, regurgitating a special bright red liquid.

By nutrition, it is not inferior to milk and thanks to her chicks grow very quickly. Parents always distinguish their chicks by their peculiar squeak, even from a thousand exactly the same, and will not feed someone else, as if he did not resemble their own.

The lifespan of these birds in the wild is not known. But in captivity they live up to 30 years. This longevity compared to the average life of most birds looks very impressive. But even more striking is that the flamingos, seemingly very fragile, have lived on earth for several million years.

So, more recently, fossil remains of this bird of 30 million years old have been discovered. Scientists claim that these birds were evolved even earlier and their ancestors saw dinosaurs.