Where are hedgehogs from ?


Hedgehogs inhabit only two continents: Eurasia and northern regions of Africa. Despite the similarity of the climate in Europe and North America, hedgehogs are no longer there, although the fossil remains speak of the former resettlement.

Mixed forests and copses, grassy plains, overgrown floodplains of rivers, steppes, sometimes deserts are habitats of prickly animals. Avoid only marshy places and coniferous massifs. The territory of hedgehogs in the world of animals is not labeled, they live alone in a particular area, which they regularly investigate in search of food.

Often there are hedgehogs near human habitation or objects of economic activity: in park areas, abandoned gardens, on the outskirts of cities and on grain fields. Contribute to this, forest fires, bad weather or fodder.

Known feature of hedgehogs to curtail the spiny glomerulus, if threatened with danger. This possibility is associated with the operation of the ring muscles, the ability to stretch the upper layers of the skin.

In this state, little animals can stay for a long time until the threat passes. Needles grow at different angles and form a strong weave of thorns. Such an unapproachable ball.