Where do African elephants live ?

The habitat of African elephants is quite limited – African elephants are spread slightly south of the Sahara, in Africa. Some time ago, African elephants could be found in North Africa, but now this species there completely disappeared.

Elephants prefer life in forests and floodplains of swamped rivers, in savannahs and mountains, so they rarely come across a person on their eyes. The African elephant can live both alone and in small groups – most often elephants form herds of 10-12 individuals. The herd is usually run by the most adult elephant, however, at the time of migrations in search of food or other residence, the male can take control of the herd.

Elephants – fairly calm and friendly animals, fights and quarrels between elephants – a rare phenomenon. Elephants who live in one herd, know each other very well, help bring up the young, take care of and help sick animals. Aggressive African elephants can become in the period of mating – this is due to the large amount of testosterone produced.

Often, males injure each other, defending their right to the female. For females, the relationship is more gentle – the male and the female are removed for some time from the herd, where a surprisingly beautiful period of courtship and caressing each other with a trunk passes.