Where do albatross live ?

The albatross habitat is the southern hemisphere, or rather:

  • Coast of Africa and South America
  • The Arctic islands
  • Island of Australia, south of New Zealand
  • The coast of the Pacific Ocean

A bird can fly freely up to 1000 km and a week not to see sushi.

Royal and wandering albatross weigh up to 10 kg. Wings are rigid in the form of an arc. They are narrow and long with a thickened front edge. The beak is large with a curved end and sharp edges.

Color on top of trunk and wings is black, chest – white. A fully white plumage with black wing tips has a royal albatross. The color of young birds varies only by 6-7 years, when puberty comes.

Albatross walks the earth well. He has strong paws with only 3 fingers pointing forward.

Albatross is a large bird from the family of petrels. The largest of these are the royal and wandering albatross. The body length is up to 1.3 m, and the wingspan is up to 3.5 m. Life expectancy is 50 years.