Where do anteaters live ?

Anteaters can be found throughout Central America, as well as in the southeastern parts of Mexico. In a large number of these species are represented in the forests of Venezuela and northern Argentina. South Brazil and Uruguay are also distinguished by the presence of anteaters.

The favorite places of these animals are the forest edges and savannas, which are not more than 2000 m. Also, anteaters can be found in the immediate vicinity of streams and rivers or in trees with a large number of lianas.

The anteater has very few natural enemies. Large individuals can become a victim of a jaguar. However, even with such an enemy, the anteater can compete. The presence of powerful paws and sharp claws allows you to repel even the most ferocious attacks of a predator. In case of danger, the anteater can fall on its back and randomly swing all its paws. Thus, the animal is capable of causing significant injuries to the enemy.

Smaller species can fall prey to large boas or even eagles. If necessary, the anteaters can also sit on the tail and fight off their paws. And some species of these animals are able to drive off predators unpleasant odor.