Where do antelopes live ?

Antelopes inhabit the South African continent, others perfectly feel themselves in the Central Asian expanses, and the third is the mountainous terrain of Europe (the Alps, the Caucasus). In the Indian subcontinent, particularly in Nepal, India and Pakistan, these mammals also live. Even in North America there are places where numerous herds of antelopes live.

There are several main groups of antelopes:

  • Vintour
  • Gazelles
  • Dukers
  • Roe deer
  • Impali
  • Bulls
  • Water goats

Antelopes are a fairly diverse group of artiodactyls. An important distinctive feature of all antelopes are their horns and the fact that animals are ruminants.

Among them there are quite large specimens, but there are also quite small ones. The range of their habitat is varied. They are found in different climatic zones of the planet.