Where do ants live ?

In different parts of the earth there is a large number of various ants that are able to adapt to different climatic conditions. However, often the insects that inhabit the nearby forest planting behave much more interestingly than those kinds of ants whose photos can be seen on the pages of books telling about the exotic tropics. In almost all environments, they dominate against other insects.

Different types have not only external distinctive features, but they can lead a completely different lifestyle. In addition, what the ants do in the winter depends on the climatic zone in which they live. For example, polar ants have to leave for the winter for as long as 8-9 months, which does not always give them the opportunity to properly rear their offspring. But insects living in southern countries can spend the winter only one or two months, when the coldest period of the year comes.

In the labyrinths of this complex structure, they are guided by formic acid. In cases where an inexperienced female lays the foundation for an anthill in wet moist soil, more savvy individuals build a waterproof path from needles. Deeper in the earth are the chambers, in which a stable temperature is maintained all year round and where the ants winter. Some insects prefer to penetrate into houses, so it’s not uncommon for a phenomenon like red ants in an apartment to get rid of which is extremely difficult.