Where do arctic wolves live ?

The arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf and lives in the harsh Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska and northern Greenland. This region is characterized by strong ice winds, snowdrifts, frosty frosts and permafrost. It would seem that it is almost impossible to survive in such conditions. However, the beast exists in the Arctic region for more than one hundred thousand years. This subspecies has completely preserved its natural habitat in contrast to the gray, red and other wolves. The reason for this is that a person very rarely happens in the harsh and cold lands, which are the home of the arctic wolf.

The size of the beast is large. The body length reaches 180 cm, the height at the withers is 70-100 cm. The usual weight is 70-90 kg. Female is 15% smaller than males. The fur of the wolf is light with a rustle, the ears are standing and small, the legs are long, the tail is fluffy. The arctic wolf has been used to not seeing sunlight for months. For him, the polar night is normal.

He may not eat for a week, rasing in search of food over the endless snowy plain. At a time easily eats 10 kg of meat. From the captured victim, the beast leaves nothing. In his stomach, even bones fall. They gnaw them with powerful teeth. In their mouths, he has as many as 42. At the same time, the food is almost not chewed, but is swallowed whole chunks.