Where do armadillos live ?

Armadillos habitat is very limited: the tropics, subtropics and the equatorial part of South America. Scientists suggest that battleships are very ancient animals that have survived to our days, relics.

Such animals with petrified shells lived on the Earth from the end of the Paleocene. When separating the continents from the mother, this species of animals was localized, and developed only in South America. From there one species managed to move to North America.

Nowadays this is the only species of animals whose body is covered entirely by a powerful carapace. Battleships belong to the class of mammals, a detachment of incomplete teeth. The carapace on their body is formed by horny formations. It is not monolithic, but consists of several parts that are movably connected by an elastic connective tissue. In different types of armadillo, the body weight ranges from 9 kg to 60 kg. Interesting are his limbs, small, short, but he cleverly digs them. They have a long sticky tongue with which they grab food.