Where do Asian elephants live ?

Wild Asian elephants are found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Borneo and Sumatra Islands, and also in Brunei. They live in the territories of national parks, in reserves and inaccessible areas. Since elephants willingly ruin planting rice, sugar cane and bananas, they are considered pests of agriculture and are carefully ousted from “cultural” areas.

It’s hard to believe, but Indian elephants are very clever animals with a striking sense of balance. Despite their size, they willingly climb the wooded slopes of the mountains to a height of up to 3,6 thousand meters (to the border of eternal snows in the Himalayas). The structure of the sole allows them to travel without fear in the swampy terrain, although from time to time they check the reliability of the ground under their feet with the help of powerful shocks by the trunk.

Female Asian Asian elephants live in small groups, consisting of 2-10 adults with cubs of different ages. “Commands” the most adult female who cares about the safety of all members of the herd. Sloths often help each other out: for example, when one of them has a time of childbirth, all the others surround it with a tight ring and do not diverge until the baby is born and Not stand on the legs – so they protect the mother and her cub from predators. In addition, a young baby elephant, although it adheres to the mother, can “snack” and any other lactating female in the herd.