Where do baboons live ?

Baboons live in Middle and Eastern Africa. There are the best conditions for their comfortable and well-fed existence. In the mountainous and steppe terrain, everything that baboons need is vegetation, which they use both for food and for protection. Among the same vegetation live insects and small animals, which are also perfectly suitable for food.

Monkey baboon often lives next to ungulates, for example with antelope. There is a kind of symbiosis. Sometimes antelopes are the first to notice predators, begin to worry, thereby warning the baboons of danger. Another time, monkeys have noticed danger before, and rush to protect the herd.

In the steppes baboons also find small thickets of bush to comfortably arrange a leash. Large predators, they feel from afar and have time to escape or prepare for defense. The small ones themselves will be caught and eaten.

Periodically, a herd of baboons changes their habitat. This happens when large predators arrange a lair nearby. Or when food in a given area becomes too small.

In ancient times baboons were considered sacred animals from the Egyptians. They were portrayed with arms raised to the sun. The priests of Egypt represented this animal as a harbinger of dawn.