Where do bandicoots live ?

The habitat of the bandicoot is very diverse. In the central deserts, these animals lived on sand dunes, and in Victoria these animals inhabited grassy plains. In other areas of the continent, the pig-legged bandicoot took a fancy to the wooded areas covered with shrubs and grass.

On the exact size of the bandicoot can not be said with certainty. However, the length of the trunk of this animal is estimated at 230-260 mm, the length of the tail is approximately 100-150 mm. The wool on the back of the bandicoot was colored orange-brown in color, the lower part of the body was lighter and had yellowish-brown tones. The long orange-brown tail ended in a black tuft. The trunk of the bandicoot was compact, with long “rabbit” ears.

The limbs of the bandicoot were long and thin and very different from the limbs of the other bandicoots. The forelegs carried only two functional fingers, terminating in clawlike claws. The second and third fingers on his hind legs were cleft, and only the fourth finger was used for movement. The long jaws of the bandicoot were armed with 46-48 teeth.