Where do barn owls live ?

Barn barn owls are 35 subspecies, which are common in all continents, except for Antarctica alone, and they also occur on the islands. It used to be found in the Baltic States and other CIS countries: now it lives in small numbers. On the territory of Russia is found only in the Kaliningrad region.

In the European part, it is absent in the northern regions and mountain systems. On the one hand, barn owl is adapted to different geographic conditions, since it is widespread almost everywhere, and on the other, it does not have the ability to store fat reserves in it, so it does not tolerate a harsh climate. In the northern regions of the United States and in most of Canada, in Northern Europe and practically throughout Russia, for this reason, it does not exist. A bird can not live in African and Asian deserts.

There were cases when a barn owl was man-made artificially in areas where it had never existed. Thus she appeared on the Seychelles and Hawaiian Islands, in New Zealand. After the barn owl was settled in the Seychelles, the kestrel population began to decline, which it fed.