Where do barracudas live ?

Barracudas live in all tropical and subtropical seas of the Indian, Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. An adult barracuda usually keeps in shelf waters near the bottom, often near coral reefs and underwater rocks. During the storm, it approaches the shore.

Young small individuals remain near the coast, in shallow water with a sandy or seaweed overgrown with seabed. Barracudas of medium size usually swim and hunt in small jambs, which is quite rare for predatory fish. Large specimens of barracuda are more likely to hunt alone.

Two rows of sharp teeth make the barracuda a dangerous predator.

In 1998 on the coast of the Pacific there were constant attacks on the swimmers. By all accounts, they were sharks, but in this place they were very rarely met. Only after some time it turned out that this bloodthirsty predator was a completely different fish. Its name is barracuda. Another name – sea pike, because it looks like this river inhabitant. Barracudas are often the true culprits of accidents attributed to sharks.

The length of the barracuda reaches 2 meters. They weigh about 4.5 kg. They occur off the coast of Southern California, Mexico, and also on the eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean. They fall on the Black Sea coast and in the Sea of ​​Japan, but in small numbers. Dwells in shallow depths, trying to be closer to the shore, which is why so many cases of barracuda attacks on people. Young barracudas live in packs, and adults prefer to hunt alone.