Where do bats live ?

Bats can be found almost anywhere in the world. They have not mastered only the circumpolar regions, tundra and especially remote oceanic islands. In some island areas, they are the only mammal species, as they are capable of prolonged non-stop flights over the water surface.

The largest number of bats, in total and species diversity, lives in humid hot areas: up to several hundred species in the basins of such tropical rivers as the Congo and the Amazon. In the northern zones of the taiga there are only two or three species of bats. 40 species nest on the territory of Russia. The number of individuals per square kilometer is 50-100 in the middle lane and increases to 1000 in Central Asia.

Where do bats live? Since these are animals of night and twilight activity, they need a safe and safe day-care center. Depending on the size and features of the structure of the limbs, it depends directly on where the bat lives. These animals choose the most suitable for them ready-made natural shelters – caves and clefts of rocks, depressions in the walls of cliffs and slopes of barkhans, hollows and holes left by their inhabitants. Some tropical species build themselves improvised umbrellas-umbrellas from large leaves, gnaw out personal grooves-niches in bundles of palm fruits or get into the voids between the knots of bamboo trunks.