Where do Bengal tigers live ?

The Bengal tiger is a rare and disappearing subspecies of the tiger. This beautiful and rare animal lives in the following countries: Pakistan, East Iran, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. We met this subspecies at the mouths of the rivers Rabbi, Indus, Ganges. Every year the number of these tigers decreases. Now according to some information, their number does not exceed 2,500 individuals. The population is slowly decreasing.

The largest population of the subspecies of this tiger is found in India, where there are 1706 individuals. In Bangladesh, their number is 200. The smallest population of the Bengal tiger in Bhutan is 67 individuals. This animal is listed in the red book as an endangered species. In addition, the Bengal tiger is a national animal for Bangladesh. These tigers are also revered in India as a national animal.

If you look closely, you can see that the skin color of tigers can be either yellow or light orange. A strip on the fur, there are not only black, but also brown. The tail is always the same color: white with black rings along the entire length of the tail. Some tigers in the process of mutation received reddish – brown or dark brown bands on snow – white fur. It is very rare to see a tiger of the same color, namely white. The sizes of females and males are also different. Males are always larger than females. The length of the male tiger, together with the tail, can reach 3 meters. But the length of the females is slightly smaller and reaches a little more than 2.5 meters. The height is, as a rule, up to 110 cm.