Where do bison live ?

The continent on which the bison lives, is North America. For a long time bison (or buffalo) lived in the territories of almost the whole of North America. But today this population exists only in the northern and western parts of the river. Missouri. The populations of the forest buffalo were very few in number. These individuals live mainly in the most deaf and wetlands of the basins of the rivers Buffalo, Birch (near the lakes Athabasca and Bolshoy Slobovye) and Pis. Today bison is grown for commercial purposes. Their number is about 500 thousand heads (mostly steppe bison). About 4000 private ranches of North America are used for their breeding.

Today, the bulk of the population of these animals falls on the territory of North America. Also, the place where the bison lives is the area near the Missouri River. Adult individuals with calves form separate herds. Meet these animals can only be where there is dense vegetation.

Despite the fact that the bison was almost destroyed during the development of the Wild West, today ecological national programs for the rescue of these animals are successfully operating. In the reserves and parks of North America there are now almost 400 thousand heads. They now completely do not occur in the wild, but the main result is achieved, this kind of majestic animal is saved from extinction and is under protection!