Where do blue whales live ?

There is a blue whale in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The inhabitants of the southern part of the ocean waters of the planet are larger in size than their northern counterparts.

In the summer they go to the waters of the Antarctic, spending it in the expanses of the Southern Ocean. In winter, their habitat is shifting in the north, mostly attracted by the latitudes of Madagascar, Peru and Australia.

Meet them in the waters near the equator is impossible, because they never live in warm waters. More familiar to them is the sea space near the South Shetland and South Orkney Islands. The Galapagos Islands can not attract anything to this giant. Therefore, the blue whale can rightly be considered the most real inhabitants of the severe Arctic region.

There are three families of mustachioed, toothless whales: smooth whales, minke whales, gray whales. Blue whales are the largest of minke whales. They are common in the seas around the world. There is no specific area or ocean to which they prefer.

These huge animals feed mainly on small fishes or crustaceans, krill.

The whale takes a mouthful of water and closes it. Gradually, he presses his tongue against the mustache, which hangs from the upper jaw. This way the sea water flows out, and the food remains in the mouth of the whale.

Moustached whales differ from the toothy in many ways, and sometimes it’s even hard to believe that they are related.