Where do bobcats live ?

Bobcat lives in the southern and central parts of North America. Currently, the northern border of its range passes through the south of Canada, and the southern border to the north of Mexico. This animal lives in the mountains and in subtropical wetlands, on the bare mountain slopes, among cacti on desert plains and, at the same time, in the cultural landscape and even in the vicinity of large cities. Only in the open, devoid of high vegetation steppe bobcat feels uncomfortable.

Like other lynxes, and indeed most cats, the bobcat most of the year lives alone on its territory. The boundaries of the territory, the permanent trails and the most frequently visited sites, it marks with urine, sprinkling it on the stones and trunks of trees, making “scuffing” claws. The size of the territories varies significantly (from 5 thousand hectares to 20 or more) and depend on the abundance of game, the availability of shelters, watering points, relief and other factors.

Outside the period, the gonad does not tolerate the presence of other individuals of its species on its territory. However, territoriality is maintained by avoiding predators each other, and not by actively guarding borders.