Where do buffalo live ?

In the southeast of Asia, an Indian buffalo lives. Unlike their brethren, his herds are not numerous, but only a few dozen heads. The size of the representatives of Asia is impressive: the growth is up to 2 m, the horns in length can reach 1.5 – 2 meters. It should be said that long ago this type, like a family of buffalo buffalo, lives on the mainland Australia.

As previously described, all species of buffaloes need water, for this reason, and the Indian species is also justified close to the water source. Currently, when reservoirs are drained, and the climate changes everywhere, these animals can be found only in some countries, such as India, Thailand, Ceylon and Nepal.

In Africa, on an endless savannah and thin, covered with a bush, the steppes south of the Sahara live an African species of buffaloes. Today it is the only kind of bull on the continent. Previously, they left about 35% of all large ungulates and met almost everywhere. Today their natural range has slightly decreased. Most of all buffaloes are found in southern and eastern Africa.

Large bulls adapt well to different types of soil and vegetation, they live in dense tropical forests, and in savannas, and in marshy meadows. But even the mountains for these large animals are not a hindrance, they meet at an altitude of up to 3000 meters. Of course, since the buffalo is a herbivorous ungulate, large populations also live mainly on dense, moist savannahs.