Where do bull sharks live ?

Gray bull sharks inhabit all the oceans, except the Arctic. . These predatory fish do not like cold and even cool waters, preferring tropical and subtropical latitudes. They also occur in the temperate zone.

The uniqueness of bull sharks is that they easily tolerate the desalination of sea water, and even can live in fresh water for a long time. A living example is the notorious shark of Lake Nicaragua, which has settled in this freshwater reservoir and has been feeling great for many millennia.

This shark is a close relative, or rather – one of the varieties of the bull-shark. Often gray bull sharks settle in the estuaries of rivers rich in food, and even rise far from the sea along the riverbed.

The gray bull shark is a completely unique creature. It is this shark that scientists attribute to more than half of all human casualties due to the attack of predators. And this statement is completely justified.

Extremely aggressive, having a very wide range of habitats, close to densely populated areas, omnivorous and armed with powerful teeth resembling teeth of tiger sharks, a gray bull shark rightfully enters the top three most dangerous for human sharks-cannibals.