Where do bullfrogs live ?

A bullfrog lives in fresh lakes and rivers of the southeastern part of North America. In addition, it was brought to South-East Asia and South America. However, this neighborhood is not too happy here: here it has become a pest that destroys local species of animals and birds.

But not only the excellent appetite of the bullfrog makes her a bad neighbor. During the mating season males gather together and call the females a kind of mooing, spreading over several hundred meters. They say the “singing” of these frogs is so loud that it prevents sleep of the local residents. But people know exactly the weather forecast: about the rain, frog bulls are obligingly reported with the same loud roar.

And yet there is benefit from them. One female is able to postpone up to 20 thousand eggs per season, of which less than a third will survive to sexual maturity. Why? Yes, just bullfrogsĀ do not care about their offspring, that’s why tadpoles burst everything, to whom not laziness. Ideal food, for the inhabitants of ponds.