Where do bunnies live ?

The habitats of bunnies  include glades, forests, meadows, deserts and wetlands. Rabbits live in groups, and the most famous species is a wild bunny (it is also a “European rabbit”), lives in underground burrows, often combined in a large system.

More than half of the world’s bunnypopulation lives in North America. Bunnies are also native to southwestern Europe, southeast Asia, Sumatra, and some islands of Japan; As well as parts of Africa and South America. Rabbits are not found in most of Eurasia, where various kinds of hares are represented.

In South America, bunnies appeared as a result of the great inter-American exchange. On most of this continent there is only one kind of bunny – tapeti (they are also “Brazilian” or “forest rabbits”). In this case, most of the Southern cone does not contain rabbits at all.

A wild bunny  was implanted in many parts of the globe.