Where do caimans live ?

Cayman lives in Central and South America. These animals belong to the reptile family and are a class of armored and armored lizards. According to the shades of the skin, caimans can be black, brown or green.

Cayman lives in small lakes, banks of rivers, streams. Although caimans belong to predatory animals, they are still afraid of people, they are quite fearful, calm and weak, and differ from real crocodiles.

But their kind of color caimans change depending on the season. The dimensions of the caiman are on the average from one and a half to three meters in length, and weigh from five to fifty kilograms.

The eyes of the caiman protects the membrane, which allows it to always be in the water, on average the caiman possesses 68 to 80 teeth. Their weight can vary from 5 to 50 kg. In translation from Spanish, “caiman” means “alligator, crocodile”.

But the crocodile caiman and alligator are all different. What is the difference between a caiman and a crocodile and an alligator? Cayman differs from the crocodile and alligator by the presence of bone plates called osteoderms and are located directly on the stomach. Also, the caiman has a narrow muzzle and on the hind legs there are only half of the swimming membranes.

The crocodile has a wrinkle near the snout on the edge of the jaw necessary for the tooth from below, the alligator has grooves for the tooth on the upper jaw and this feature distinguishes the crocodile from the alligator and caiman. Despite the differences, the crocodile caiman in the photo is not much different.