Where do camels live ?

Asia and Africa camels settled more than 5 thousand years ago, perfectly adapting to the climate and living conditions.

There are two kinds of camels on our planet: a single camel (dromedary) and a two-humped camel (bactrian).

The most famous and widespread species of camels is the dromedary. The single-horned camel inhabits the whole of the South East up to India and throughout North Africa. All dromedaries living in the territories of these continents, pets. In its natural habitat, wild specimens are not found. Wild herds live only in Australia, where camels were moved by Europeans as pack animals. The same herds lived in the southwest of the USA, which appeared there in the same way as in Australia. But, unfortunately, in North America, the herds of wild camels became extinct at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The largest population of dromedaries lives in Africa, about 14.5 million. Only in Somalia 7 million camels live, and in Sudan there are about 3.3 million of them. In addition to Sudan and Somalia, the dromedary lives on the territory of such African countries: Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt.

In Asia, a single-horned camel lives on the territory of countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria.

Previously, Bactrian lived virtually throughout Central Asia. Populations of the two-humped camel lived on the territories of Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, extending to the bends of the Yellow River, China. Now wild populations are found only in Mongolia and China in the Gobi Desert. The bulk of Bactrian lives in the Lake Lobnor region of China. The number of wild camels is not numerous, only about 900 individuals. Such a deplorable state of the population threatens the extinction of the species by 2033 already.