Where do caracals live ?

Caracals is spread most of the territory of Africa, except for the Sahara, as well as central and south-western Asia. In northern Africa, the species almost completely disappeared, while in Namibia and the southern regions of the African continent there are so many caracals that they are destroyed by local residents as pests. The Asian area is much less densely populated.

Earlier, the area of ​​distribution of the caracal coincided with the area of ​​cheetahs, at the present time they coexist on the same territory with another representative of the feline – serval.

Inhabitates caracal in a variety of habitats. These can be forests, thickets of bushes, or flat and stony terrain (climb to a height of 3000 meters above sea level). The favorite place of habitation is the edge of the forest, smoothly passing into the plain. Compared with serval, dry conditions of caracal are much better tolerated, but rarely found in deserts, as well as in dense tropical forests. The Asian population is more tolerant of forests.