Where do catfish live ?

Catfish is the only European representative of the Catfishes family, whose species are quite numerous in South Asia and tropical Africa. However, it is found not in the whole of Europe in France, Spain and Italy, it is not, and p. The Rhine forms the western boundary of the spread of this predator. In Western Siberia, Ingol, Shilke, Onon, etc., there is already a different kind – Siluras asotus Pall, featuring a dark color of the whole body, 4 antennae and a small size – about 56 cm.

Catfishes, especially large ones, does not happen in any pond. Therefore catch them, having preliminary determined possible places of their parking. I always start with an accurate exploration of the area where I intend to catch, sometimes a few months before fishing. Two or three days I spend near the pond, not unwinding the gear. This is the path to success. One can not think that it is enough to just come ashore and throw the bait to catch the fish-dream of your life throughout the day.

Catfish do not like light. Therefore, it should be sought in burrows and deep holes, where he likes to hide. Otherwise it happens only during high water after a bad weather, when the water is turbid and turbulent – then this fish is active all day long. In addition, you need to watch in the evening and in the morning the somnolent “paths” along which he moves, leaving his refuge in search of food.