Where do cats live ?

People keep domestic cats from time immemorial – whether it is a question of religious traditions, practical struggle with mice or usual friendship. In our time, the life of cats has eased so much that these curious predators have become one of the most numerous species of mammals on our planet.

The history of touching relationships between Japanese and cats goes back many centuries. Cats often became the main characters in Japanese art – painting and literature. In this country there are whole “cat’s islands” – such as Tashiro and Aoshima. On the island of Tashiro there is a small feline sanctuary Neko-jinja, and the Japanese come here consider it their duty to feed a large colony of local cats – it is believed that this brings good luck. And on the island of Aoshima, the cat population is already 8 times higher than the human population, and local cats have survived long ago only at the expense of tourists.

Although a cat is not uncommon in a Ukrainian family, a large population of stray cats is thriving in the country. Attitudes towards stray cats in this country are often subject to criticism from international organizations for the protection of stray animals.

The Germans love their cats, but in this country, according to the authorities, the number of homeless animals is steadily growing – the bill goes to millions. The main reason is the free walking of non-castrated domestic cats. In 2014, the Germans scrupulously calculated that homeless cats caused damage to the green plantations of cities worth 500,000 euros.