Where do centipedes live ?

Centipedes live in places with high humidity, under rocks, in fallen leaves, logs and rotting wood, and sometimes live in burrows in the ground. They are rare in hot and desert regions.

Giant centipedes live in Jamaica, the island of Trinidad, in South America, Australia.

The main thing in centipedes is an exoskeleton, consisting of chitin, natural polymer, the most common biopolymer on the planet (a human needs chitin for shaping hair, nails, birds for plumage), and sclerotin (protein). The centipede has a gray-yellow body, with three beautiful violet, red-tinged stripes (may be bluish or have other variations). Precisely such strips and on numerous legs of an insect. They concern insects only from a scientific point of view, since they belong to the same type (arthropods). Millipedes have their superclass and subtype (trachea).

On the head, on each side are well-developed eyes and there are a kind of “antennas-antennae,” consisting of 500-600 segments. They as locators, catch the slightest rustles, conduct a study of space. They react sensitively to changes in environmental and temperature conditions, informing us that we need to find a place more comfortable or settle here. Antennae warn the centipede about the approaching danger.