Where do chickens live ?

Where do chickens  live ? The answer is so simple – at home 🙂

After hatching, the chickens are left for several hours in an incubator or under a poultry for drying, after which they are planted in specially prepared boxes lined with a soft cloth or paper. Overdue young animals in the incubator should not be, because in the future, when growing such chickens will grow worse, more likely to be exposed to diseases. For good growth of chickens, proper care and feeding is very important.

First of all, it is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature for the young. Thus, for chicks of the first 5 days of life, it is necessary to maintain 30-32 ° C. Then the temperature gradually decreases and makes from the sixth to the ninth day – 28-30 °, from the tenth to the twentieth – 24-26 °, and further 20-24 °. Therefore, a heater is installed in the room, and the capacity with chickens is additionally heated by heat lamps or incandescent lamps.