Where do chimpanzees live ?

Ordinary chimpanzees  live in tropical forests and wet savannahs of West and Central Africa. They once inhabited much of this area, but their habitat has been dramatically reduced in recent years.

Adults in the wild weigh from 40 to 80 kg; The height of the male can be 160 cm and female 130 cm. The body is covered with coarse dark brown hair, with the exception of the face, toes, fingers and soles, part of the hair is white (around the mouth and on the coccyx). Chimpanzees are born with white hairs on the coccyx, and until they fall out, adults refer to children’s leprosy with condescension. The skin of the cubs is pink, when it reaches puberty, it becomes black.

The menstrual cycle is 38 days, the gestation period lasts about 225 days. Babies of chimpanzees are weaned when they are about three years old, but they usually maintain close ties with their mother for several more years. Chimpanzees reach puberty at the age of eight to ten years, and their life expectancy is approximately 50-60 years. The female usually passes into another group, the male remains in the same group.