Where do chinchillas live ?

Because of its warm skin, chinchillas live on the northern slopes of rocky regions at an altitude of 400-5000 m above sea level. Due to their physical characteristics, chinchillas are perfectly adapted to live in the mountains. He lives in excavated burrows, but if they are in danger, they will sneak through the cracks of rocks, saving their lives. The physical structure of their eyes and ears testifies to the remarkable fitness to lead a twilight lifestyle, which they actively lead. Prefer chinchillas live in colonies. Unlike other animals, chinchillas are not polygamous animals, they prefer one partner in life.

In the “family” of chinchillas, a steady leader is a female, since it is more aggressive than a male.

Chinchillas are a rodent animal from the family of chinchillas. Chinchillas in the natural environment live on the deserted plateau of the Andes mountains in Bolivia, Argentina, Peru or Chile. Despite this, chinchillas can live on other continents, but not in the natural environment, but as a pet or animal that is grown on private farms. Due to the reduction of their population and the real threat of extinction, chinchillas are protected by international programs, in particular, they are listed in the Red Book of the International Union for the Conservation of Wildlife.