Where do cougars live ?

Once the cougar lived in various parts of America, both in the South and in its northern part. The area of ​​the cougar was the most extensive among all mammals living on the continent. Although cougars still live in those regions, as before, but their numbers have significantly decreased than in earlier times. The reason for the disappearance of the cougar from their former places of residence was their mass extermination by man. As a result of the cruel extermination of cougars, some subspecies, such as the Florida cougar, are still threatened with extinction.

The mountain lion is found in dense forests and grassy plains, in mountainous regions and in marshy lowland areas from Yukon (Canada) to Patagonia in Argentina and Chile, and also resides in the United States. The habitat of the cougar closely matches the habitats of its main prey – deer. The main criterion for the area to live in cougars is the abundant availability of food and suitable places for shelters.