Where do cows live ?

For the urban resident, the cow is most likely associated with the shelves of dairy products in the supermarket. People of the older generation who were in the construction teams will remember how they used to build cowsheds, what they were dull and unsightly, and the cows were tortured. And there was a bad smell around the cowshed.

And the statistics on the fall in the number of cattle and milk production in the region, too, most likely do not shock the urban philistine – after all, there is milk in the supermarket. In fact, the numbers are unhappy. According to Dmitry Milyaev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Government of the Tula region, director of the department of state policy in the sphere of agro-industrial complex and rural development, by now the number of cows is less than 42 thousand heads in farms of all categories. This is 90% to the corresponding level of the previous year. The production of milk fell and is 87% of the level of the previous year.