Where do coyotes live ?

Coyote inhabits space from the cold regions of Alaska to Costa Rica. You can admire the ability of coyotes to adapt to the environment. More willingly, coyotes settle on open plains and in areas overgrown with rare shrubs. In its natural environment, the coyote lives in a certain area, in less suitable areas it leads a nomadic life. The site marks with urine and sound signals: barking and long howl. Coyotes that live in the mountains, for the winter usually migrate to the valleys.

Although it looks strange, but people in a certain sense caused the spread of coyotes. Destroying vast wildernesses of the US, the main competitors of coyotes, and cutting down forests that once covered most of North and Central America, people created favorable conditions for expanding the range of coyotes far to the east. People have long hunted coyotes for the sake of beautiful fur and destroy them, protecting sheep herds. In the early 70-ies of the XX century. In the west of the United States, more than 100,000 coyotes were destroyed each year. In 1977, more than 320,000 skins of animals were delivered to the world market from North America. Nowadays, the mass destruction of coyotes for the sake of fur is increasingly condemned. In 12 states coyotes are protected, in the rest of the territory of the American continent hunting for them is regulated by laws.